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ReImagine Generosity

About Us

ReImagine Generosity is an initiative of The ReImagine Group, a company founded in 2010 with the belief that high quality media content would powerfully influence Christian education in the future. Since 2012, the majority of the ReImagine efforts have focused on increasing financial and relational generosity in the church. As such, the ReImagine Generosity initiative formed.

The heartbeat of ReImagine Generosity is the belief that generosity is central to the heart of God, is a conversation that extends far beyond finances and is not about the individual. Much of the teaching on generosity and stewardship in the recent decades focuses almost primarily on money. However, God’s generous heart is revealed throughout Scripture in a myriad of ways – the beauty of creation, the provision for His people, and the gift of Jesus. In light of such truth, the notion that generosity is restricted to the financial realm almost seems laughable.

ReImagine Generosity helps walk people on a path from transactional generosity, which focuses on the stewardship of time, talent, and treasure to relational generosity, the call to be agents of reconciliation and the hands and feet of Christ to the vulnerable, lost and poor. This journey culminates in sacrificial generosity – the pouring out of our lives in order to see someone else realize the fullness of their capacity in Christ.

It is our sincere hope and prayer that the ReImagine Generosity resources serve to make the bride of Christ more beautiful and healthy.

About Our Team

Jack Alexander, Chairman

The ReImagine effort was initiated by Jack Alexander when he felt God calling him to use the most powerful storytelling medium of the modern age for the education and encouragement of the church.

Jack has an extensive background in commercial real estate, technology and business services. He has also served on the boards of, or been an advisor to, FCS Urban Ministries, Crown Financial and Living on the Edge with Chip Ingram. As a regular speaker to churches, pastors and at conferences, Jack has a deep love for seeing the Church become more healthy and beautiful – especially in the areas of increasing volunteerism, serving those outside the church and whole-life generosity. In his early thirties, Jack was led to Christ by the poor at a small church in Australia. This early experience, combined with deep biblical study, has resulted in a passion for the Kingdom of God and the theology of generosity and stewardship.

Jack graduated from Duke University and has been married to Lisa for 34 years. They have three grown sons and two grandsons.

Patty Wyngaard, General Manager

Patty joined the ReImagine Generosity team in July of 2013. For the previous four years, she worked in a lay capacity with a para-church organization that trains and equips churches in the realm of discipleship and mission. As such, she has a deep love for seeing the Kingdom of God break forth in the lives of individuals. Professionally, her background as an entrepreneur and small business owner has cultivated her penchant for bringing structure to vision and creating sustainable business practices. Her passion for being a part of helping others live into the fullness of what God intended is realized with ReImagine Generosity as she is integrally involved with churches embracing a holistic perspective of God as Father and King.

Patty graduated from Virginia Tech and has been married for 13 years to her high school sweetheart, Peter. They have three children and are originally from Richmond, Virginia.

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We provide resources and training to unleash generosity in the Church.